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FOX News
Jan 30, 2010 11:00am EST
, this is off the table. defense, medicare, medicaid, homeland security. when ever anybody tells you your budget is safe, it's going to bloat and have waste in it. those are the areas we have to cut, the sacred cow. >> fdr also raised taxes. that had something to do with the economy going down massive tax increases, including excise taxes on people, and a tight monetary policy. it wasn't the spending that did it. we cut spending in the early 20s. >> i can't tell you how much, david, that this tax -- excuse me, this spending freeze is so fake. it cements in place the stimulus spending and the budget inflation under obama. that's up by 22, 25%. that's not a spending freeze. it's 25 billion over every year over ten years and that's a drop in the bucket in a multi trillion dollar budget deficit. >> they're saying the spending is a drop in the bucket. we haven't gone halfway where we should. >> we need a real jobs program. >> what do you call $800 billion? >> i don't usually -- is that change to you? >> it's only a start. it wasn't enough. unemployment is still at 10%. and clinton is talking about cu
FOX News
Jan 23, 2010 11:00am EST
's individuals ripping off the government. medicare is doctors ripping off the government. i pay my taxes. if you don't, i'm paying for your services that you're consuming. i sure don't want to hear you talking about deficits ever and i don't want you getting contracts from the government. >> steve, the problem with the irs is you're guilty in proven innocent. reverse of american justice and the irs isn't always right. some of these people may not be cheats. >> the real cheats are in congress but that's another subject. you have to extinguish between tax cheats. people not paying what they owe and the normal contract at this time disputes. how do you allocate costs and recognize revenue, inventories and things like that. depreciation, especially defense contractors. this goes on all the time. how do you interpret the tax codes. >> not all these people are cheating, you have to stand by the irs 100%. >> i understand you have have civil issues you might say were these people really supposed to pay this but i'm talking about the real live cheats. guys with swiss bank accounts. >> you're qualifying i
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2